A solution to efficiently manage and analyze your mobile workforce.

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Real-time updates

How does it work? Optimal planning and easy up to date communication throughout the day. Real-time means increase in real money.

  • An accurately planned day with an hourly time slot view keeps worker downtime to a minimum which in turn increases efficiency - each worker can get more done each day
  • Providing accurate time frames keeps clients waiting less. And you don’t want to keep your clients waiting.
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Complete overview

Like the title says - complete. You know where your teams are at all times, which tasks have they completed, what are they doing and what will they do next. It’s that feeling of control, like you are supervising on site. But it’s even better, you are supervising on multiple on sites. Complete control.

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Route Optimization

This is route planning to the highest level. We ensure the fastest routes every time. Results? You will save fuel money, get more tasks done and your clients will have to wait less. And your maintenance costs will decrease due to less mileage. Sounds good? And we do want to emphasise one thing our clients love. Everything is digital and is happening live. So if you need to make changes in your daily schedule your team will get the changes immediately. Trust us, it’s great.

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Digital documents

Our app is super functional - all jobs can be completed and tracked digitally. No more paper storage, all task lists and relevant client information are in your app and everything can be updated on the go.

Work productivity increases with accurately planned work schedules. At the same time your workers are up to date with all task documents digitally. Your will simply earn more money. Walk in a park.

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With GSMtasks you can track only the metrics you actually need. We will provide you the right and easy to understand data to enhance your business processes. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? You can track and analyse your workers movements at all times:

  • Are your drivers spending too much time on location?
  • How many tasks are they completing in a day?
  • Are they driving too much?
  • Where are they and what are they doing?
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Digital signature

Paper is yesterday. Screens and digital is today and tomorrow. Modernise your business processes and you feel the difference immediately. One - your own work becomes easier. Two - your team will feel it and your paying clients will most definitely feel it. Three - it simply means increase in productivity and that means more money.

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Mobile app

Apps make your day more productive. We mean useful apps, not all social media apps.

We provide an easy to use dashboard to ensure all your days work gets completed:

  • Give your drivers all tasks before they get to work
  • Update tasks while they're on the road with a push of a button
  • Know where your drivers are, how many tasks they have completed and how many they still have to do
  • If something went wrong, immediately assign a task to another worker
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You can integrate GSMtasks to your current business programmes and we do provide tailor made solutions. To be honest, this is what we do every day. Integrating and making your life easier and more productive.

For example you can integrate GSMtasks to your billing department. And this means nothing will ever be not billed. We are surprised by how many successfully completed tasks never get a bill. By now you have most likely understood that we take mobile fleet management and business processes very seriously.

Because of GSMtasks route optimization you can reduce the time spent on logistics up to 2 times.

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