Heavy machinery

Automate construction fleet operations to reduce asset downtime and lower fuel cost.

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Driver detection

With driver detection solution "i-Button" or "RFID card" you can be sure, who is driving with the vehicle

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Keep track

With larger fleets it is sometimes hard to keep track of all your semi-trailers, we have a client who lost one semi-trailer per year simply by having no clue where it was parked. Not anymore, because with Navirec fleet management you can be sure you will find your semi-trailer anytime in the world.

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Real-time fuel info

Fuel management is crucial in trucking. Real-time fuel info in every tank you own, also you can order automatic notifications of all anomalies, for example, a dramatic change in the tank. You can track every single drop of fuel used. You can analyse driver’s driving style and determine which driver has the most economical driving style and who have bad driving habits

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Easy communication

Sometimes it is hard for drivers to find the exact location, with Google Street View everything becomes easier for the operator and driver. Provide instructions by phone, e-mail or SMS. Is the warehouse on the left or right side, the operator can advise the driver to find the right location

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Our custom-built reports will show you easily all necessary data. Trip based reports, location-based reports, fuel-based reports, fuel card based reports, vehicle-based reports and ECO-Drive based reports.

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Never miss a maintenance date. Navirec fleet management automatically reminds you when the truck needs service.

No more overdue services!

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Route Optimisation

Saves you from hours of manual planning and provides the most efficient route for your worker. Optimised routes avoid unnecessary consumption of fuel, which saves substantial costs to your business.

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Workforce management

From Navirec fleet management you get everyday detail report, what was the driver actual working time.

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