Real-time tracking, better visibility into fuel costs and maintenance tracking - all available to your watercraft fleet.

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Workforce management

You want to know exactly when the employee started and when the employee finished working. From Navirec fleet management you get everyday detail report, what was the worker actual working time.

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Real-time info

Is the fuel tank or battery empty or full? Real-time fuel and battery info in every watercraft you own. Also, automatic notifications, for example, leaving or entering the port area.

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Never miss a maintenance date. Navirec fleet management automatically reminds you when the truck needs service.

No more overdue services!

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Area tool

Navirec fleet management area tool enables to draw on the map a geographical area and set what happens if the watercraft enters or leaves the area.

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Keep track

With larger fleets it is sometimes hard to keep track of all your semi-trailers, we have a client who lost one semi-trailer per year simply by having no clue where it was parked. Not anymore, because with Navirec fleet management you can be sure you will find your semi-trailer anytime in the world.

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Our custom-built reports will show you easily all necessary data. Trip based reports, location-based reports, fuel-based reports, fuel card based reports, watercraft-based reports and ECO-Drive based reports.

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Watercraft’s engine blocking

With Navirec fleet management It is possible to block watercraft’s engine from distant. This means that after the vehicle’s ignition is turned off, the vehicle engine won't start anymore.

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