Software Customization

Teach your drivers eco-driving and save on fuel while reducing vehicle maintenance costs.


Navirec fleet management app is super flexible when we are talking about customization.

With driver detection solution "i-Button" or "RFID card" you can be sure, who is driving the vehicle.

With Navirec Mobile APP you can open keyless vehicle doors.

Control the temperature of vehicle‘s cargo compartment with the app.

With trailer tracking solution you know exactly where your trailer is.

Easy software and systems integration with your existing programs such as Zapier, Shopify, Woocommerce and others.


Navirec driver detection solution enables to identify drivers... tablets (I-Button) given to them adds driver’s name or client’s ID to the system. The vehicle equipped with I-Button reader registers the driver. Before starting a trip driver places the tablet against the reader for at least three seconds to register.

The vehicle equipped with RFID reader registers the driver.

RFID Driver Detection

The radio-frequency identification reader shows who used the vehicle and when was it used. Before starting a trip driver places the RFID card against the reader to register.


Use your DATA!

API integrations enable you to push and pull data from other systems, extending the value and utility of your fleet tracking data.

You can import odometer readings - update meter readings from another system. Trigger trouble code alerts - import diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from a Navirec system. Update fuel transactions to trigger location exceptions. Accounting automation - push maintenance costs into your accounting system.


Keyless entry

You can open/close vehicle doors from Navirec Mobile APP, there is no need for a physical keys anymore.


Distant control of your fleet’s vehicles.

BLOCK vehicle’s ENGINE from distant. This means that after you turn the vehicle’s ignition off .

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