Reliable location device tracking for your assets

A compact and autonomous GPS locator which will accurately determinate location of your logistical asset - wherever it is

Navirec PLD4 Secure Box

Works without battery change OVER 3 years!

Navirec Professional Location Device 4 (PLD4) Secure Box is a miniature GPS locator that can be easily hidden anywhere thanks to its compact size, light weight and inconspicuous design. Navirec PLD4 Secure Box sends its GPS coordinates and other data, with a certain interval, using GSM networks. Navirec PLD4 secure box is designed to work over 3 years without the need for a battery change.


Easy to install

No wires or cables!

Navirec PLD4 Secure Box can be easily hidden thanks to its compact size 85x52x27 mm, low weight 130 g and inconspicuous design.

Easy to hide

It is very hard for thieves to find or even identify the GPS locator!

Thanks to sleep mode, the GPS locator cannot be identified by any signal detector.

Maximum safety

The body of the GPS locator ranks as the IP67 class

Water resistant enclosure IP67 class (protected from total dust ingress, protected from immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth) ensures its durability against water and shock, therefore this GPS device is suitable for ATV's, offroaders as well as different forms of water transport.

Also suitable for caravans, motorcycles, trailers, lift trucks, containers, robot mowers, cars, trucks, drones etc.

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