Fleet Management Reports

If you have a larger fleet you might want to group all your data into one report or even sheet.


Navirec driving logbook contains MORE than 50 DATA FIELDS, that you can use to generate REPORTS

Get automatically periodic Navirec fleet management custom-built reports to your e-mail. Navirec allows you to receive detailed reports for an efficient organization of the work of your car fleet. You can make your own company needs related reports and group all kind of data into one report.


Check your WORKING areas!

Navirec fleet reports area tool enables to draw on the map a geographical area and set what happens if the vehicle enters or leaves the area. If you want to get more accurate information about what is going on in created areas, you can prepare a report containing the data of these areas. It is also recommended to set notifications of the traffic taking place in the areas.

You can see what time vehicle entered the area or what time left from the area, also how long time stayed in the area. If there are lots of areas, then you can group them together.


Total overview of TANKING!

Navirec fleet reports show all necessary data about your fuel consumption per hour/day/month/year or average annual fuel costs.

You can receive fuel economy reports based on your preferred unit of measurement L/100km or km/L and understand cost per km for every asset.


Navirec driving logbook fills itself AUTOMATICALLY

You may want to do reports that show you all rides with addresses, work hours, overspeeding, parking or summary, you name it. There are lots of possibilities to do fleet reports! To receive more accurate results on driving logbook, you can always add specified fields to the report.

Navirec fleet driving logbook can export into PDF, CSV or XLS format.



You can analyze driver’s driving style and determine which driver has the most economical driving style and who have bad driving habits, such as harsh acceleration or braking, overspeeding, taking the curves to fast or engine idling. This information helps you to save lots of money on fuel and vehicles maintenance cost.

Detailed trip report permits the ranking of drivers by fuel efficiency or safety and the creation of a salary system based on their performance.


Let the system work for YOU!

Make your own company needs related vehicle-based reports that show

Engine hours

Parking time

Driving time

Average speed

Driver name

Total mileage



No more PAPER receipt!

Connect all your fuel cards to Navirec fleet management and automatically track your fleet's fuel expenses. All fuel card transactions are visible from Navirec. You can easily analyze fuel spend from all angles by vehicle, location, vehicle type, time frame, etc. L/100 km and cost-per-km are calculated for each transaction.

Detailed fuel card usage report shows who was tanking vehicle, with what card was tanking and was the card related to the vehicle that was tanking at the gas station.

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